Short-Term Rental & Leasing

Why lease furniture? There are lots of reasons why furniture leasing is a smart choice. Take the worry and stress out of moving furniture in and out and concentrate on making your new space your new home with Bridges & Boroughs!

We help many people who are moving to Pittsburgh temporarily because of professional sports, the film industry, and other types of employment. Leasing furniture also makes sense if you are a student in off-campus housing, if your family has to relocate temporarily because of a remodel, divorce, or disaster, or if you have already moved and want to stage your home to sell it more quickly.

If you own a Pittsburgh area property that you rent out short-term to visitors, leasing furniture can make it easier for you to set up the space and help you keep the furniture updated and in good condition.

Bridges & Boroughs offers furniture lease packages of quality pieces for a complete living room, dining room, and bedroom. Although we do not lease individual rooms of furniture, please contact us with your specific needs and we will be happy to try and accommodate you.

No matter your reasons for leasing furniture, Bridges & Boroughs can help you find exactly what you need, and at a price that works with your budget. We offer personalized service and quick delivery, and we work hard to make sure all of our customers are satisfied.

Click to read our Leasing Policies. If you already know what kind of furniture you would like to lease, you can choose your package below:

Prices starting at $194.95 per month
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Prices starting at $314.95 per month
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Prices starting at $454.95 per month
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